Best Ways To Treat an Asthma Attack

Asthma is a serious health condition that can happen in all different ages and backgrounds. You have to be careful with the asthma. In this article, you can find some basic ideas to help you to handle your asthma effectively and prevent the asthma attack. Read this article before you consult your doctors about your condition.

1. Avoid any scented products

If you have asthma, you probably know that scented products, such as perfume, air fresheners, and detergent, may be dangerous for you. Some scented products might irritate your nasal system and induce your asthma attack. Try to substitute those scented products with the unscented ones. By doing so, you are able to control your asthma better.

2. Avoid feather pillows

If you suffer from asthma, do not use feather pillows in your bedroom. The feathers can cause asthma symptoms and damage your lungs. My recommendation is hypoallergenic pillow because it is effective to prevent asthma attack.

3. Apply dehumidifier in your house

This is an excellent tool to manage your asthma. It reduces the asthma attack by decreasing the humidity in your house. If you use a dehumidifier with filter, you will also be able to remove some allergens, such as dust, insect, mites, from the air. It is important because humid air can trigger your asthma symptoms instantly. By doing so, you also prevent the mold to grow in your house. Protect yourself against these allergens to control your asthma symptoms.

4. Visit your doctor often

One of the most important things that you can do to control your asthma is to visit your doctor regularly. He will identify the triggers for your asthma. You can ask him about taking the allergy test to know your triggers. After you know the substances that can trigger your asthma symptoms, you can prevent the asthma attack by avoiding those substances. Your doctor may give you some medications for you to treat your allergies. Be careful with those medications. Do not forget to read the instructions before taking those products. You may also consider using some natural remedies to control your asthma.

5. Avoid being exposed to pollen

You need to protect yourself from being exposed to pollen. Make sure that you stay at home when the amount of pollen is high. If you need to go outside at this time, make sure that you wear a protective mask to prevent the pollen to come into your nasal system.

Article Source: Krisanto Lin

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